By | August 9, 2019

Lagotto is a social media metrics data aggregator. It is an Open Source application started in 2009 by Public Library of Science (PLOS). Lagotto provides social media metrics both for PloS articles (known as PLOS ALM) and also for articles from any other publishers. It retrieves data from a wide set of sources. The metrics are grouped in different categories of impact (viewed, saved, discussed, recommended, and cited).

It is possible to make social media metrics reports for any set of PLOS articles with DOIs or PMIDs using simple/advanced search query or by uploading a file of (max 500) articles that contains DOIs or PMIDs one per line (See here for an example of such a file). For articles from other publishers use Lagotto API to retrieve social media metrics aggregated by lagotto. For more info visit:

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