Persons in Pure

By | September 23, 2019

Go to Pure:

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Master data and click on Persons.
  2. Use the following filters:
  • Organisations and search and select the name of your institute.
  • Academic Staff and set it to Academic.
  • Affiliation period and set it to Current Period.
  • Organisational affiliation type and set it to Staff.

3. Go through the list and control if you need to change current academic staff to former. For this, control the Organisational affiliations, click Edit and set the date to the End date and finally click Update.

Note: Fill both the Staff type and Employed as fields with related information and do not leave them without any category. In order not to exceed the persons license in Pure, register non-academic staff as non-academic in both Staff type (as non-academic) and Employed as (as non-scientific) fields.

Attention: It is very important to fill out Staff type and Employed as and start date and end date (when it is known) fields with the appropriate label/information.

Attention: Do not use the Unknown and No value labels.

Attention: If the staff type is Academic, do not use the Non-scientific staff in the employed as field.

Attention: If the staff type is Non-academic, use the Non-scientific staff in the employed as field.

Note: Don’t try to delete persons (by pressing the Red X button on the right bottom) who are associated with contents in Pure since you need to delete all related content (which is not suggested) before deleting the person. In this case the following warning message will pop up:

Note: It is suggested to control the list of persons on a frequent basis and to keep it up-to-date.