Importing from online source

By | August 28, 2019

Follow these steps:

1.Go to:

2. Click + and then click Import from online source:

3. Select any of the following online sources:

Select ORCID and search by entering the ORCID number of the researcher.

Select Web of Science and search by entering the publication title, ID (Unique identifier), or author’s name and limit to Year range or Organisational unit name if available:

Select PubMed and search by entering title, author, organisational unit, or PubMed ID or DOI if available:

Select Mendeley and search by title, UUID, ISBN, DOI, author name or journal name and limit to publication year:

Select WorldCat and search by ID, title, author or organisational unit:

Select and search by title, author name or arXiv identifier:

Select Espacenet and search by patent number, inventor, applicant name and/or limit to year of patents or search title or abstract:

Select SciELO and search by title, abstract, author name, organisational unit name, or DOI and/or limit to the year:

Select EMBASE and search by title, author name, organisational unit name and/or limit to publication year:

Select CrossRef and search by DOI:

4. Then click Import:

5. Control the content and then click Import and review:

6. Finally Save the record:

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