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Journals in Pure

Go to Pure: For approving journals in Pure, follow these steps: Go to Master data and click on Journals, Click on the Add filter button, Select Workflow and then select For approval (you can skip this step and search directly in the search box the name of the journal that you want to approve),… Read More »

ORCID: Digital identifier for researchers

What is ORCID? ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier. It is a unique persistent identifier for researchers. ORCID connects researchers to their organizations and their scientific outputs (articles, data sets, codes, etc.) and professional activities. It is used worldwide by publishers, funders, and institutes to uniquely identify researchers and their outputs and distinguish… Read More »

Deduplication filter by year

Go to Pure: https://pure.knaw.nlClick Research Outputs under Editor and select Duplicate title: Add Publication Year and click Find Duplicate: Then click the triangle next to the publication to check the organization: If the publication belongs to your own institute then follow these steps to merge the duplicate titles or accept as duplicates.

Importing from online source

Follow these steps: 1.Go to: 2. Click + and then click Import from online source: 3. Select any of the following online sources: Select Web of Science and search by entering the publication title, ID (Unique identifier), or author’s name and limit to Year range or Organisational unit name if available: Select PubMed and… Read More »

Importing from file

Follow these steps: 1.Go to: 2. Click + and then click Import from file: 3. Select any of the following file formats: BiBTEX: RIS: CERIF: 4. Paste the text or Import the file and click Save.