Linking ORCID with Scopus Author ID

By | March 13, 2020

If ORCID is associated with a Scopus author profile, the link to ORCID will be shown on the Author details page in Scopus. There are two ways to associate Scopus author profile with ORCID via Scopus or via ORCID:

1. Go to Scopus Author profile, search by author name, affiliation, or ORCID. Find your author profile, click on connect to ORCID,

2. Log into ORCID and click authorize.

3. login to your ORCID profile, click on add works under work section, Search & link, select Scopus, give authorization, search for your publication, select your author profile, send to ORCID, see here.

More information are available here:

for adding other identifiers (such as arXiv Id, PubMed Id, DOI, etc.) or importing from other sources (such as WoS, PubMed Central, Google Scholar using BibTex, etc.) see here:

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