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Hoe één persoon met twee affiliaties te registreren in Pure?

Voor het registreren van één persoon met meer dan één affiliaties (twee affiliaties of meer) is alleen één account maar met 2 affiliaties en met verschillende start- en einddatum nodig in Pure. Interne affiliaties(binnen KNAW): Voor onderzoekers die bijvoorbeeld eerst bij het IISG en daarna bij het NIOD werken, worden de publicaties met IISG-affiliatie geregistreerd… Read More »

Hoe pre-prints in Pure te registreren?

Er zijn twee manieren om pre-prints te registreren in Pure: Pre-print template te gerbruiken: Twee records een voor echt publicatie en andre record voor pre-prints maken. Maak een relatie tussen deze twee. Research output: Working paper/discussion paper › Preprint › Scientific In Pure, is er een mogelijkheid om import van pre-prints servers (zoals ArXiv, MedRxiv, BioRxiv, SSRN) te gebruiken: Research… Read More »

KNAW Pure upgraded to the latest release

Pure (the KNAW research information system) was upgraded to the latest release (5.21.2) on August 9, 2021. The new Pure portal ( offers a rich overview of the institutes, collaborations, various research products and activities, research topics (Fingerprints) and profiles of researchers. To increase the visibility of both the institute and the researchers, it is… Read More »

Linking ORCID with WoS Researcher ID

If ORCID is associated with ResearcherID, the link to ORCID will be shown on the Author details page in Publons ( Web of Science ResearcherID is now on Publons). In order to associate ResearcherID with ORCID: Login to your ResearcherID on Publons if you already have it otherwise register for it. follow these steps: Under settings, click on account,… Read More »

Linking ORCID with Scopus Author ID

If ORCID is associated with a Scopus author profile, the link to ORCID will be shown on the Author details page in Scopus. There are two ways to associate Scopus author profile with ORCID via Scopus or via ORCID: 1. Go to Scopus Author profile, search by author name, affiliation, or ORCID. Find your author profile, click on… Read More »

Trusted organizations in ORCID

What are trusted organizations? These are organizations that researchers grant permission to interact with their ORCID profile and to update it on behave of them. This happens when you connect ORCID with a research information systems (such as Pure or when submitting a paper to a Publishers) you are asked to grant permission to that… Read More »